Mastrangelo’s paintings are inspired by decades of sculptural work, which is reflected in the mixed media nature of the paintings, as well as the sculpted quality of the shapes. Looking at the spheres and gestural forms that inhabit her worlds, you can visualize them once having been bodies which have since transcended the structure of enforced form, into the silent language of truth. Her work possesses an animated quality, but not of an explosion out of the canvas. Instead, it envelops you, guiding you into a world of tight rotations, rippling patterns of shapes, and loose, dancing yarn. One feels like one can become lost amid the carved-out walls and spheres which transform into fields and holes, weaving in and out of solid colors and hewn textures. 
        Mastrangelo’s  work captures the essence of a crucible - a deep and powerful space in which raw force can be transformed into creative energy. Her creations contain clusters of circles and ovals which become caverns and eggs, a deep embrace of negative space that becomes a moment of primordial rebirth. 

“Hidden Agendas” 
Throughout my career as an artist, I have worked with the human form in different capacities and materials. The integration of color and pattern come together as content, as individuals evolve and make themselves evident. Beyond our surface is the energy and driving force of each individual’s uniqueness—the silent language of truth. In transcending the world of disguise and pose, we find the energy that pulses between our physiological form and its surrounding space, the energy which sustains us. My work is based on reflections of the “self”, as well as on biographical visual portrayals of people I encounter in life.
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